For the Love of Pasta


Pasta is something that we all know and love, but there are few who appreciate the beauty more than Matteo Gallizio. I recently had the privilege of meeting Matteo, the owner of La Dolda Artisanal Pasta, a gourmet pasta boutique here in in Austin, Texas. Matteo tells a compelling story about how his business came to be. He grew up in Italy, learning the pasta making process from his mother, but continued on to open a gelato shop in his hometown. Many years down the road, Matteo and his wife work each day to preserve the traditions and ingredients of his family’s legacy here in Austin, Texas. There is nothing more inspiring to me than somebody who follows their passion to make their dreams come true. Take a look at the care and consideration that goes into each piece of pasta and hear more about Matteo’s story.

Haig Point: A Community of Southern Charm

On a little island in South Carolina, you will find a southern oasis. After a short ferry ride, you set out to explore your options. Traveling only by golf cart, you can dive into Daufuskie Island through sunset boat rides, golf, or an equestrian adventure. The goal was to illustrate the scenery and portray the endless opportunities of enjoyment at this living community and this is what I captured.. Here is Haig Point.

Saturdays in the South

If you’ve been to the south you know how big college football is, it’s everything especially the SEC. The summer lead up to the fall season is always a buzz with talk of starting players, coaching staff changes, and of course tailgating. Tailgating is an honored tradition in Southern Saturday football, dating back to over a hundred years. Saturday college football without tailgating is an afternoon worth skipping, it shouldn’t be allowed. For those few uninitiated here’s the basic premiss; get drunk while screaming whatever respective college chant your team has and eating copious amounts of ribs, brisket, sausage, and every other southern comfort food you can think of. This combo of course brings out the most interesting of people which I had the pleasure of documenting. This is the most recent game between The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Texas A&M Aggies.