Product & Purpose

We are living in a time where it is most important to connect to our customers. Whether through marketing and advertising, social media, or events, the customer needs to feel drawn into a connection in order to buy a product or service. I have taken the approach of using color to stand out in the cluttered sea of products. My goal in product photography is to catch the attention of the customer by creating a colorful, clean, and sleek visual. If there were two photographs of the same product – one with vibrant colors and sharp lines, and the other one black and white, which would you choose? How will you choose do differentiate yourself from the rest?

In order to create a visual work of art that pleases all the parties involved, deep collaboration is necessary. It’s such a pleasure to work with an inspiring creative director such as Torquil Dewar. Check out some of his work here at October Custom Publishing.

It’s all about big ideas & collaboration.

Here is some of the work that we created for Absolute Sound.


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